Tamarack Farm Horsemanship
At Tamarack Farm you can...

Board your horse
Lease one of our horses
Take lessons in the ring
Take a trail ride lesson
Ride our horses in a local show

Learn to drive draft horses or Morgans
Enjoy miles of beautiful trails
Take a horse swimming

Go for a hayride or sleighride

Sue Snyder, instructor                                                                                  
I think I was born wanting a horse. I didn't manage to get my own horse until I was 25 years old. I now have nine, including two that were born here at Tamarack Farm. I have been teaching riding since 1982. Strong emphasis here is on horsemanship and safety. Lessons are available to students of any age from beginning to advanced. The atmosphere here  is more family farm than big equine program.
Hannah, boarder

My name is Hannah and I'm eighteen years old. Tamarack Farm has been like a second home to me for seven years now and I love it so much! Around six years ago my family bought a horse, Lauren, and she lives at Tamarack Farm.

Over these years, Tamarack Farm has truly grown to be like a second home for me. Sue and Jim have become like an aunt and uncle to my sister and I. The farm always has a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere and I always feel at home there. There's a level of freedom, responsibility, and trust that makes me feel competent and mature in many ways in my life. Over the years I have done a lot of growing up at Tamarack Farm, and I'm so thankful to have discovered it. I've been dreaming of a place like Tamarack Farm since I was a little girl and I'm so glad I finally found it. 


Our horses range from the pony Leigh, a Paso Fino/Morgan cross, to Foolish Matter, a 17-1 Thoroughbred. Two of them were born here. Some can be ridden by practically anyone and some provide a real challenge.

Since that picture we have added Quinn, a 17 hand Thoroughbred, And Tea and Indy, two Morgans.
Hayrides and Sleighrides

Our team of Belgians, Rob and Shirley, pull a wagon or sleigh through our woods and fields. Driving lessons are also available.
Tee Shirts

We now have 100% cotton tee shirts available. $10 kids sizes, $12 adults.

We have added long sleeved tee shirts. $15 kid sizes, $20 adult.
Quinn is here for a temporary (maybe permanent) placement.

Update: Permanent! Welcome Quinn!
TF horses on a field trip to the Merrimac River beach
Driving Miss Lauren

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